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Catch up: Can foreign investors sue the UK for Brexit?

The University of Notre Dame and Volterra Fietta hosted this debate over whether Brexit may give rise to viable investment arbitration claims against the United Kingdom. Watch the video on our YouTube channel. 

Welcoming Randy J. Kozel

Our new Interim Law Director served as a visiting professor in 2013 and has participated in the Law Center's annual roundtable conference for several years.

Students visit Kraków and Auschwitz

Students in Vittorio Montemaggi’s class concluded a series of international trips with a visit to Kraków and Auschwitz.

Catch up: Brexit

What will Brexit mean for the future of UK trade? We discussed with experts from the University of Cambridge, UCL, Georgetown, NYU, Cato Institute, and Paris II-Sorbonne.

London meets Rome

Students in Vittorio Montemaggi’s class traveled to Rome and paid a visit to the Rome Global Gateway.