Gk Chesterton


The London Global Gateway supports the University’s international mission by advocating and providing opportunities for research at all levels. Notre Dame London is proud to partner with a number of local universities and organizations, furthering the promotion of the University of Notre Dame's research and projects to the wider UK academic scene.

Chesterton Collection

Projects & Activities
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Faculty are encouraged to take advantage of the Gateway’s resources and facilities to further their research. Assistance in hosting conferences and events to promote discussion on their work is available, as is advice about collaborating with our local partners on projects. Equally, the Gateway offers support in establishing new relationships with external groups and institutions.

Group and independent research is encouraged for undergraduates, particularly through classes such as the Kennedy Scholars Research Seminar. Classes like these give students the opportunity to visit research facilities in and around London, learning how to identify, locate, and analyze a range of materials, in preparation for their senior thesis.

The Gateway welcomes graduate and postdoctoral students to develop their research and engage with the local academic scene, through a range of programs and fellowships. There are also a number of short term research grants available if faculty wish to be based in London.