A hub of culture, business, politics, and academia, London is a culturally rich venue for those who aspire to become a global citizen.

Located in the heart of cosmopolitan London, Notre Dame’s largest gateway offers abundant academic, service, professional, and networking opportunities for undergraduates, graduate students, law students, and faculty.

Though London has long been a popular destination for curious undergraduates, the London Law Program is the true founder of Notre Dame’s long tenure there. Fifty years later, the London Global Gateway boasts courses and internships for law students, established academic partnerships with prestigious universities and libraries for faculty, nearly 50 internships for undergraduates, and opportunities for Ph.D. students to present and receive feedback on their work.

The London Global Gateway proudly claims two buildings, nine academic programs, a multitude of conferences, seminars, and events, and a seemingly infinite number of opportunities for faculty and students alike.

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Since graduating from the University of Notre Dame in 2008, Robert Costa has become a national political reporter for the Washington Post, a political analyst for NBC News, and the host of television show "Washington Week" on PBS.

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15 million people visited the theater in 2017

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