London Programs


The majority of students at the London Global Gateway are undergraduates who spend a semester living and learning in the heart of London. With courses in humanities, business, social science and the arts, the gateway proudly hosts students of all disciplines. A mix of local and visiting faculty are encouraged to use London as a context to their classes, allowing students to enjoy site visits and day trips to experience first hand the material they are studying.

Although not the largest of the Gateway’s programs, the Law School are the pioneers of Notre Dame in London. Established in 1968, the prestigious program hosts law students for a semester or a full year. These students are able to learn more about comparative law, as well as taking advantage of the esteemed faculty associated with the Law School in London.

Most students are housed in Waterloo’s Conway Hall, and their commute is a stroll across the Golden Jubilee Bridge to the Fischer Hall campus just off Trafalgar Square. Immersed in a such a culturally rich and diverse city, students learn as much outside of the classroom as they do in their studies. Students are able to take advantage of the European context, with arranged theater visits, day trips and weekends abroad.


In the Summer, the Gateway welcomes students on shorter courses, such as the London Summer School and various Engineering programs. This opportunity affords students whose schedules would not normally permit to immerse themselves in England’s dynamic and vibrant capital city. In a shorter timeframe, students throw themselves into what London has to offer, from theater to museums, from art to archives, the city boasts something for everyone!