Undergraduate Programs

The London Global Gateway hosts a number of undergraduate programs throughout the academic year and the summer. Offering courses in business, arts, humanities, social sciences and more, students are welcome from all disciplines, and are a diverse cross section of Notre Dame undergraduates. Many form strong relationships with students from other fields of study, who they may never have encountered had it not been for their experience in London. Additionally, students are able to take courses in subjects outside of their normal area of study, allowing them to broaden their horizons and learn in a more holistic manner.

Courses are taught by a mix of visiting and adjunct faculty, and all faculty are encouraged to use the rich cultural backdrop of London to inform their classes. Students who take courses in theatre have regular trips to the West End to see world famous shows. Students who study literature are taken to some of the sights which inspired the very books they are reading. There are regular guest lectures from famous authors, screen writers, directors, psychologists and artists, allowing students to immerse themselves fully in the material from their classes.

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The programs promote engagement and involvement with British culture by offering opportunities to break out of the bubble and explore what London has to offer. There are many community-based learning opportunities, where students can compete with other university’s sports teams, volunteer for charitable projects, or undertake an internship in a relevant organization.

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