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Kennedy Scholars Seminar

Kennedy Scholars on a trip to Rome

The Kennedy Scholars course is a distinctive feature of the Gateway’s offer: a special opportunity for exceptional Juniors in the College of Arts and Letters to develop independent research skills and ideas for their upcoming senior thesis. Through exploration of world-class collections and British locations, the Kennedy Scholars will engage with a range of research skills and methodologies, and are encouraged to look at their studies through a different lens.

The seminar builds towards a provisional research proposal, which can serve as the foundation for grant applications and a Senior thesis research project. Students who successfully complete the seminar are eligible for exclusive grant funding to support their senior thesis work. Applications are solicited from students who are accepted to the London Undergraduate Program in the semester before their departure. 


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What to expect from the Kennedy Scholars Seminar

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    Kennedy Scholars conduct hands-on research at sites such as Chawton House
    Exploration of a rich range of research locations around London and the UK, with behind the scenes visits to special collections, archives and museums
  • Hands on experience working with materials from the newly acquired G.K. Chesterton collection housed at the London Global Gateway
  • Discussion of personal research ideas with UK-based academics
  • Personal support to develop a provisional research proposal, which can serve as the foundation of a Senior Research project, and grant applications
  • Trips to Oxford, and to Durham University to explore the plethora of research opportunities
  • Students who successfully complete the seminar are eligible for exclusive grant funding to support their senior thesis work


Kennedy Scholars meet Rome International Scholars to discover the layered history of the city

Ks Vittorio
Vittorio Montemaggi in discussion with students

When Elizabeth Gonzalez first enrolled on the Kennedy Scholars Seminar in London, she was expecting to learn research skills to further her senior thesis. After spending a weekend visiting world class historical sites in Rome, meeting the Rome International Scholars, and even spending time with the US Ambassador to the Holy See, Gonzalez is amazed by what the class has taught her so far.

“The Kennedy Scholars Seminar has taught me how, as researchers, what we look at and what we contribute is going to play a part in what is preserved in the future,” reflects Gonzalez. “So I'm not only looking at it in terms of what I’m interested in but also what mark do I want to have on this world?”

Find out more about the Kennedy Scholars and the Rome International Scholars adventures in Rome.


A letter to future Kennedy Scholars

Bill And Jacqui Kennedy
Bill and Jacqui Kennedy

Learning how to do proper research is such a fundamental part not only of one’s academic success but also one’s professional success.  Whether you chose a career in academia, law, finance, journalism, consulting, etc.  you will always be researching to gather information to make an informed decision grounded in facts and supported by evidence.

London, which is one of the world’s truly global cities, and the rest of the UK is a treasure trove for researchers given the long history of the UK that spans centuries and touches many parts of Europe and the rest of the world. The British have diligently archived so much of its own history that it is ripe for exploration by curious minds, making London a perfect place to learn the art of research.

My wife and I have called this wonderful place our home for over a decade and wanted the Kennedy’s Scholars to really boost their academic experience while here. Staff in London will get you access to some of the most unique archives and places of interest that few have seen, giving the student a true insider’s view of all the UK has to offer.

We also realize you are not here for long so we have also allowed the Scholars to come back to Europe on a research trip their senior year for more research and exploration after they have had time to develop their senior thesis. - Bill Kennedy


To learn more about the experiences of previous Kennedy Scholars, please see: Kennedy Scholars: The art of research

For further information, please contact Charlotte Parkyn or Alice Tyrell.

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