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London Global Gateway boasts an impressive and ever-expanding internship program. During the semester, students have the opportunity to work within multi-national organizations, local business, charities, and even within the government at Westminster.   The opportunity is equally available to law students, who are placed in a variety of legal settings, including the US embassy.


These placements offer the students an authentic study abroad experience, allowing them to delve beneath the surface of London’s culture. An opportunity to interact with locals and make long-lasting connections with people outside of their usual social groups, the internship experience goes a long way in students’ formation as global citizens.


As well as a pivotal step in their cultural understanding of the city, internships are very beneficial to the student’s professional development. They provide an insight into the how their studies may be applied in a professional setting and generally prepare students for life in the workplace. Internship partners are always happy to work with Notre Dame students to make sure both parties find the experience useful and rewarding.    


Students will be given more information about internships, such as how and where to apply, before their arrival in London.


Past internship placements have included: