Catch up: Brexit

Author: Rina Buznea

EU And UK Flags

What will Brexit mean for the future of UK trade? On November 7, 2016, we discussed with experts: 

  • Roger Alford, London Global Gateway

  • Lorand Bartels, University of Cambridge

  • Meredith Crowley, University of Cambridge

  • Piet Eeckhout, University College London

  • Jennifer Hillman, Georgetown University

  • Rob Howse, New York University

  • Simon Lester, Cato Institute

  • Sophie Robin-Olivier, Paris II-Sorbonne

Catch up now on these three discussions - part of the London Global Gateway’s Student-Alumni Lecture Series. Now in its 10th year, the series brings together Notre Dame students, alumni, and leaders in academia and business from around the world to discuss topical issues.






Originally published by Rina Buznea at on December 07, 2016.