Welcoming Randy J. Kozel

Author: Rina Buznea

Randy JRandy J. Kozel

The London Law Program started 2017 with a new Interim Director, Randy J. Kozel, whose appointment was announced at the close of last year.  

Randy Kozel is warmly welcomed back to the London Law Center, having served as a visiting professor in 2013 and participated in its annual roundtable conference for several years.

This year’s conference, ‘Continuity and Change in Public Law’, takes place on February 17 – sponsored by the Notre Dame Program on Constitutional Structure and the Oxford Programme for the Foundations of Law and Constitutional Government. The event will bring together leading public law scholars from the University of Notre Dame, University of Oxford, University College London, Trinity College Dublin, Northwestern University, and the University of Chicago.

We asked Randy Kozel about his vision for the London Law Program , and for his tips on living and studying in the city.

What are your goals for the London Law Program?
We’re always thinking about how to enhance students’ experiences in London in every way we can. That obviously means making sure we’re continuing to offer engaging and valuable courses and placing students in rewarding internships. It also means providing as many opportunities as possible for students to immerse themselves in London life and culture. The teams in London and South Bend have done a great job of opening up those opportunities, and we want to keep building on their efforts in the months and years ahead.

What advice would you give students for making the most of their study abroad experience?
Traveling outside of London is wonderful and valuable, but don’t forget that living in London means there are always amazing things to see and do right outside your door.

What is your favorite thing about London?
The parks. My wife, daughters, and I love all the green spaces in London, and we spend as much time as we can walking, running, and playing in the parks. There’s nothing like watching our daughters on a swingset with Buckingham Palace in the background!


Originally published by Rina Buznea at international.nd.edu on February 15, 2017.