Central London Vasil Bankov


Michael Addo

Director, London Law Program

Patrick Asumadu

Conway Hall Caretaker

Kevin Barnes

Associate Director of Residence Life

Gemma Bencini

Director of Finance and Operations

Jo Byrne

Director of Communications and Engagement

Irene Capasso

Academic Administrator, Undergraduate Programs

Josh Copeland

Executive Director

Mary Denyer

Program Manager, London Law Program

Merve Safa Erguner

Events and Engagement Manager

Gabriela Gevechanova

Administrative Assistant, London Law Program

Rachael Harman

Operations Administrator

Harone Huggins

Painter & Decorator

Rich Jervis

IT Program Manager

Kendal Jones

Program Manager

Helen Kilburn

Assistant Rector

Caroline Lezny

Digital Communications Coordinator

Vittorio Montemaggi

Academic Director

Diana Nefiodow

Assistant Rector

Abdikhaaliq Osman

IT Solutions Coordinator

Charlotte Parkyn

Director for Research and Partnerships

Norbert Pletka

Building Manager

Daliah Primrose Bond

Director of Student Affairs

Kevin Ramkissoon

Residence Life Coordinator

Michael Tucker

Internships and Immigration Manager

Alice Tyrell

Director for Academic Programs & London Librarian