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Summer Programs

London Summer Program

The London Summer Program offers Notre Dame undergraduates the opportunity to study in London for 6 weeks from May until June. This allows students whose schedules may not allow a full semester abroad to profit from studying in a different culture. The program offers a wide range of courses in history, literature, art history, politics, philosophy, and theology and many more.

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London Summer: Neuroscience and Behavior Program

This London-based, 6-week, 6-credit, faculty-led summer program will connect Notre Dame Neuroscience and Behavior students with the history and research of neuroscience in England. Students take excursions to sites associated with the study of the brain and historical issues in bioethics. Since neuroscience informs the way people experience all the world, students will also take part in a variety of cultural and entertainment events.

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Summer Engineering Program

The Summer Engineering Program gives undergraduates from the University of Notre Dame College of Engineering a chance to study and live in London. The course is run by two professors from the College of Engineering, who make the most of the city’s industrial roots to teach their classes. From trips to iconic sites such as the Tower of London to the Royal Air force museum, students can see first hand some examples of world class engineering!

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