Seminar Image Flint Thomas

FRS: A Revolutionary New Device for Improved Aircraft Aerodynamic Performance


Location: London Global Gateway

Open to: Current faculty, students and staff at the London Global Gateway

Join us for Flint Thomas's Faculty Research Seminar: 'A Revolutionary New Device for Improved Aircraft Aerodynamic Performance' at the University of Notre Dame London Global Gateway.

This is a fortnightly opportunity for our faculty members to present research they are undertaking, welcoming questions and challenges from a multidisciplinary audience.

No specialist knowledge is assumed – a wide variety of subjects will be presented in a manner that it is accessible to all. Whatever your experience, your contributions will be appreciated greatly.

London Global Gateway faculty member Flint Thomas presents 'A Revolutionary New Device for Improved Aircraft Aerodynamic Performance'.

About Flint Thomas's research seminar

Friction drag constitutes approximately 50% of total drag at cruise for aircraft ranging from business jets to long haul transports. Improving aircraft fuel efficiency continues to be an ongoing goal for both government and private industry. It is clear that a reduction in friction drag will significantly reduce fuel consumption and result in lower operating expense, as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This talk will highlight the development at the University of Notre Dame of new pulsed-DC plasma arrays that have, in recent experiments, demonstrated the ability to achieve unprecedented levels of drag reduction.

Event held in G.04.