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London Book Club

Notre Dame London, along with partners from across the University of Notre Dame campus, has launched the London Book Club series, an interactive, educational enrichment program featuring Notre Dame’s expert faculty. Relevant themes will be selected, and participants will be invited to join four weekly meetings to discuss books, excerpts, films, and other materials.


London Shakespeare Lecture 10th Anniversary Series

Notre Dame London launches its Shakespeare series with Professor Peter Holland offering the 10th Annual Notre Dame London Shakespeare Lecture in Honour of Professor Sir Stanley Wells. The lecture is in collaboration with the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust and the Shakespeare Institute. Celebrating the 10th anniversary year, this series will explore a variety of topics and welcome voices from around the world.

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London in Song

As one of the central nodes of the global entertainment industry, London has a long and complex relationship to song, and much can be learned about the cultural life of the city through its music. “London in Song” examines four songs in order to understand the history of popular entertainment in the metropolis. From the street ballads of Tyburn Fair celebrations that accompanied convicted felons on the way to the gallows, through the Pleasure Gardens at Vauxhall and Ranelagh, to the Song-and-supper clubs and early music hall entertainments, “London In Song” explores the history of London by examining the popular music that it inspired.

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Hitchcock in London

Before Alfred Hitchcock moved to Hollywood in 1939, he wrote, designed, or directed over two dozen films in London, the city that was his birthplace and that remained a constant source of inspiration. Our book club focuses on two of his most highly regarded films that take place in London: The Lodger (1927) and Sabotage (1936), both adapted from popular novels.

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