Josh Copeland

Executive Director

Joshua Copeland is the executive director at Notre Dame London. As the executive director, Copeland manages the administration and operations of ND London, and works in collaboration with academic leaders to create new research partnerships and initiatives in London. He is responsible for implementing academic vision and strategy, building strategic relationships with UK universities and strengthening Notre Dame’s position in London as a leader in experiential learning and global education. An important component of his role is ensuring the success of the recently-acquired G.K. Chesterton Collection as a new gathering point for research activity at ND London.

Previously, Copeland was the director of student affairs at ND London, and before that, at the Minerva Schools at KGI in London. He has worked in other administrative and development roles at Oxford University, and served for four years as rector at Conway Hall, Notre Dame’s student residence in London.

Originally from Tennessee, Copeland spent a decade as a professional opera singer and teacher before embarking on a career in university administration after moving to the UK in 2011. He continues his singing and teaching whenever the opportunity arises, and enjoys exploring the English countryside around London with his wife and twin boys.