Mark Tebbit

Adjunct Professor

Areas of Expertise

Philosophy of law; philosophy of religion; epistemology and metaphysics; the philosophy of A. N. Whitehead

Courses taught

Philosophy of Law, Philosophy of Religion


Mark Tebbit, author of three books and numerous articles in international journals, on legal and religious themes, has been a faculty member of Notre Dame London since 2000. As an Adjunct Professor at Notre Dame, he teaches courses on the Philosophy of Law and the Philosophy of Religion. He has also worked at the University of Reading, King’s College London and the University of Bristol, in all of which he lectured and tutored in philosophy. He was awarded a PhD in philosophy (on theories of reification) by the University of Wales at Cardiff, in 1981. He has been consulted regularly over the years by four major publishers, refereeing numerous books for publication. His current research is focused on preparing for publication a book introducing the philosophy and religious thought of A.N. Whitehead.

Selected Works

Philosophy of Law: An Introduction, 1st Edition. London and New York: Routledge (2000)

Philosophy of Law: An Introduction, 2nd Edition. London and New York: Routledge (2005)

Philosophy of Law: An Introduction, 3rd Edition. London and New York: Routledge (2017)

Currently negotiating a contract with Rowman & Littlefield for a monograph on Alfred North Whitehead’s Philosophy, the title of which is The Concept of the Real (2019)


“Whitehead’s God and the Problem of Evil”, Dialogue, Issue 37, November (2011)

Review of Lawrence Nolan (ed), Primary and Secondary Qualities, in Philosophical Quarterly (2012)

Review of Amalia Amaya and Ho Hock Lai (eds) Law, Virtue and Justice, in Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews (2013)