Vasileios Bougioukos

Adjunct Associate Professor

Area of interest 

Social investments, Labour Markets, Judgmental Forecasting

Course taught in London

Global History. From 2020 the course will be on global history in the long run, from the emergence of Homo Sapiens to the future.


Dr. Vasileios (Vassilis) Bougioukos is working as a research associate at the Institute of Hazard, Risk and Resilience Forecasting Lab at Durham University. He holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Bangor University (Wales, UK). His research focuses mainly on social investments, labour market reforms and judgmental forecasting. Moreover, he holds an MSc in European Political Economy from the London School of Economics and earned a bachelor's degree from the Athens University of Economics and Business in the field of International and European Economic Studies. Vasileios has offered teaching and research support in various institutes around the UK, such as SOAS, Queen Mary, Bangor University, the London Business School and the London School of Economics. Moreover, he has international experience, as he has spent time working in China in various academic positions.

Select Works

Nikolopooulos, K., Tsinopoulos, C., & Bougioukos V., (eds) ‘Forecasting and Planning in a World of Turbulence’, Edward Elgar Publishing (2023) (Work in Progress)

Nikolopoulos, K., Litsa, A., Petropoulos, F., Bougioukos, V., & Khammash, M., (2015), “Relative Performance of Methods for Forecasting Special Events,” Journal of Business Research.