London Global Gateway launches student photo competition!

Author: Joanna Byrne

Trafalgar Pano 2 Blue 1

The London Global Gateway is pleased to invite all students to enter its monthly photo competition!

The competition celebrates the visual side of students' semester abroad, and provides an opportunity for students to exhibit their photography work. 

Take out your cameras – or phones – and snap some photos that encapsulate the essence of your time here in London. 

Each month there will be a new theme to guide you, and winning submissions will win a £20 voucher, and the chance to exhibit your photos on the London Global Gateway website! 

November competition 

The theme of November's competition will be 'Urban Environment." In one single image, show the judges an example of the urban environment that is London. This theme explores the contemporary through all forms of photography based in the urban fabric. Think about the city and the humanity that populates it. This could be architecture, people, nature, transport and anything in between! 

You can submit a maximum of three photos, and please give each one a caption. All entries should be emailed to Jo Byrne by November 30th.

October winner

The theme of October's competition was 'Cultural Melting Pot." The photo the judges felt best reflected the brief was this shot from Caroline Lezny:

Lezny OctWhitechapel Bell Foundry, the oldest manufacturing company in Great Britain, which cast both Big Ben and the Liberty Bell

The following photo also gained a notable mention:

Photo Comp 3Brexit Looming: Diversity in Political Views - Erin Martinez

September winner

The theme of September's competition was 'First Reflections of London." The competition was a close one, and the standard was very high! After much deliberation, judges chose this submission from Erin Martinez:

Em Wallace Collection 1Courtyard Cafe of the Wallace Collection, taken during Inside London excursion 'Art in London'


The following photos also gained a notable mention:

JySt James' Square - Jena Yang

LfView of St Paul's - Logan Flaherty

AsPanorama of London's skyline - Armando Sanchez