London faculty member to perform at Colourscape festival

Author: Joanna Byrne

Imgp1386The sculpture where ‘Tintinnabulation' will be performed

For the second year running, London Global Gateway faculty member David Sutton-Anderson will be taking part in the 2019 “Colourscape festival” in London on September 22. Sutton-Anderson will be performing a piece entitled "Tintinnabulation" alongside the London choir Coro, and young percussionists from Coloma RC Girls school. 

Sutton-Anderson will be playing the harmonium solo part for "Tintinnabulation," which literally means "the resonance of bells." He will also be improvising, bringing a collaborative element to the performance. The festival aims to be an immersive experience, and "Tintinnabulation" is in keeping with this.

“Audience members will experience the unique and uplifting immersive fusion of color, sound, light and space that is Colourscape,” says Sutton-Anderson.

Colourscape is an annual music festival where the venue is a sculpture of pure color that attendees actually go inside. Participants are even given capes on arrival so that they become part of the color experience. It attracts a diverse crowd, which is also important to Sutton-Anderson.

“It’s a platform that reaches a wide demographic in terms of age, background and ethnicy," reflects Sutton-Anderson. “It attracts an audience who wouldn't normally go to a contemporary classical music concert."

David Sutton-Anderson has been teaching courses related to music at the London Global Gateway for twenty-one years, and often examines the relationships between text and music, dance and music, and color and sound. Students who study with Sutton-Anderson will experience a balance of academic and creative, with trips varying from the Royal Opera House, to Jazz in the Crypt at St Martin-in-the- Fields.

To learn more about Sutton-Anderson’s work, contact David Sutton-Anderson.