Submissions for 2018 photo and video contest due January 31

Author: Colleen Wilcox

Entry 92 DemoedmtDeMoe is standing at the top of Mt. Geraneia, which overlooks the Gulf of Corinth

After a long day of hiking and getting lost, Dominique DeMoe eventually found her way to the top of Mount Geraneia in Greece. To her left, she could see the ancient city of Corinth, where she was living and studying during her semester abroad. As she turned to the right, her friend snapped a quick photo to capture the magnitude of their view.

“I triumphantly surveyed my surroundings and took in the pure beauty that is the landscape of Greece,” says DeMoe. This breathtaking view won DeMoe first place in Notre Dame International’s 2017 photo and video contest. Her photo has since been published in various publications, as well as social media and numerous websites.

Every year, students are encouraged to share their study abroad experiences and stories through engaging photos and videos. It’s an opportunity to inspire prospective applicants to study abroad and provide the Notre Dame community with a visual glimpse into the experience abroad.

Submissions for the 2018 contest are due January 31. Students may submit a maximum of five photos and/or three videos for consideration. The submissions will be judged on creativity, technical, and artistic merit. A committee composed of NDI staff and a University photographer will judge the submissions, choosing a first, second, and third place winner in each category. The winners will be notified by March and will receive a cash prize.

Submission guidelines and instructions can be found online. For any other questions, contact Christiane Buessard.

Originally published by Colleen Wilcox at on January 10, 2019.