Notre Dame Law School Transforms the London Law Summer Programme

Author: Emily Grassby

The London Global Gateway’s Law Summer Programme has been revamped and will be inaugurated next week.
The Law Summer Programme, one of the first American summer programmes based abroad, lasted six weeks and offered a variety of international law courses.  Lasting just three weeks, the new Summer IP Programme is an intensive and focused course aimed at students interested in intellectual property law.  The program was restructured to benefit students wishing to further their career paths by undertaking summer jobs and internships, and to successfully compete with other specialized programs. 
Mark P. McKenna, associate dean for faculty research and development, and driving force behind the new format, added that concentrating on intellectual property law went hand in hand with studying in London, given that the U.K. was the birthplace of American IP law.  He explained that it allowed for a “conversion of historical and modern practice.”  In addition, students have the advantage of connecting with local law firms, media such as the Guardian, and historical locations such as Stationers’ Hall to explore the right to be forgotten, the history and development of copyright law, and other timely topics.
To kick off the program, student will stage a mock intellectual property injunction application with barrister Christina Michalos of 5RB, and Mark Engelman of Hardwicke, in front of British High Court judge, The Hon. Mrs Justice Andrews.

Originally published by Emily Grassby at on July 13, 2015.