Notre Dame International honors Global Gateway academic directors

Author: Colleen Wilcox

As their terms come to a close, Notre Dame International (NDI) would like to honor and recognize the accomplishments of the three academic directors: JoAnn DellaNeva (London Global Gateway), Hannah Hemphill (Jerusalem Global Gateway), and Heather Hyde Minor (Rome Global Gateway).  As academic directors, they have each played a critical role in advancing programming for students and faculty, as well as enhancing the University's research profile.

“These leaders have championed numerous curricular and research initiatives that have had a tremendous impact on our students and faculty. Their creative and thoughtful work is invaluable for the University's advancement of global education and research,” says Michael Pippenger, vice president and associate provost for internationalization.

“The University and Notre Dame International are grateful to them for their leadership as well as their commitment to teaching and scholarship.”

Joann Dellaneva

JoAnn DellaNeva, professor of romance languages and literatures, began her term in August, 2017. During her three-year tenure as the academic director of the London Global Gateway, DellaNeva worked closely with faculty, graduate students, and post-docs to support their scholarship, promote London as a place to advance their research, and strengthen scholarly collaboration with universities such as Durham University and Oxford University. She developed programs that provide intellectual enrichment for both students and faculty in London, including the London Undergraduate Scholars Program and London-specific signature classes such as “Imagining Henry VIII,” and promoted the intellectual profile of the Kennedy Scholars program. Most recently, she chaired the faculty advisory committee on the G.K. Chesterton Collection, which was acquired by the London Global Gateway in 2019. During her upcoming sabbatical, DellaNeva will continue her work on the literary representation of Henry VIII in early modern European texts.

NDI has appointed Rev. James Lies, C.S.C. to a one-year term as interim senior director of academic initiatives and partnerships beginning on July 1, 2020. Fr. Lies will work closely with Joshua Copeland, London Global Gateway’s executive director, faculty and academic leaders on campus, and the global network on the London Global Gateway’s role in advancing global scholarship.

Hannah Hemphill Cropped

Hannah Hemphill, a theologian of Christian history, began her term in Jerusalem in September, 2018. As academic director, Hemphill provided academic oversight to Notre Dame undergraduates, and created opportunities for Notre Dame faculty, post-docs, and graduate students to extend the global reach of their research in the Holy Land. During her tenure, Hemphill developed and led an immersive and pedagogically rich curriculum that exposed her students to the historic, religious, and cultural diversity of the region. She created and taught an internship course for students interested in community-based learning and research. Hemphill co-led a monthly lecture series, Tuesdays at Tantur, and hosted numerous academic conferences that gathered Notre Dame faculty, local, and international scholars together around relevant topics such as interfaith dialogue, sustainability, and peacebuilding. This fall, Hemphill will begin serving as assistant professor of Catholic studies and theology at Carroll College in Helena, Montana.

Heather Hyde Minor

Heather Hyde Minor, professor of art history, began her term as academic director in Rome in August, 2017. Hyde Minor fostered innovative undergraduate programs, particularly the Rome International Scholars Program, and strengthened the Rome Seminar, which is designed to introduce graduate students from across the humanities to the unique primary sources available in Rome. The Seminar led to a consortium with Stanford University and Princeton University. During her term, she also developed collaborative research opportunities with the Apostolic Vatican Library and Sapienza University and strengthened research projects with the School of Architecture. Her research on Giovanni Battista Piranesi (1720–78) will be published by Princeton University Press in the forthcoming book Piranesi Unbound. Hyde Minor will continue her research during her upcoming sabbatical before returning to teach for the department of art, art history, and design.


NDI will work closely with the executive directors in London, Rome, and Jerusalem to ensure continuity of academic initiatives and programming. To build upon the valuable contributions made by these academic directors, NDI's senior leadership will continue to work with faculty and deans to support and enhance a range of faculty research and teaching opportunities at the Gateways.

Notre Dame International oversees Global Gateways centered in Beijing, Dublin, Jerusalem, London, and Rome. The Gateways create unique opportunities for Notre Dame to engage the world and the world to engage Notre Dame through scholarly collaboration, undergraduate and graduate study, as well as cooperative programs with governments, foundations, corporations, alumni, parents, and friends of the University. NDI also leads six Global Centers located in Santiago, São Paulo, Mexico City, Hong Kong, Mumbai, and at Kylemore Abbey in western Ireland. A simpler infrastructure, the Global Centers focus on a more defined geographical area to facilitate academic and cultural programming and exchanges.

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Originally published by Colleen Wilcox at on June 26, 2020.