NDI Statement on Spring 2016 Study Abroad Programs

Author: Amanda Skofstad

The recent terrorist acts in Paris have given rise to questions from students and others in the Notre Dame community regarding the status of our Spring 2016 Study Abroad programs.

At the time of writing, NDI has no plans to curtail or modify any of our Spring 2016 Study Abroad programs.

The safety and wellbeing of our students abroad is of the utmost importance to the University. We will diligently follow guidance from the State Department in the coming weeks and months and will keep in contact with peer universities to ensure we respond quickly to any health and safety issues abroad that may impact our students.
All students preparing for a semester abroad should plan to attend one of the two identical and mandatory Student International Safety Summits.
Students with questions or concerns should e-mail study abroad director Kathleen Opel or their respective program managers, who are listed on this page

Originally published by Amanda Skofstad at international.nd.edu on November 17, 2015.