London Lit of the Fantastic

Author: Colleen Wilcox

Hadas Library

Hadas Elber-Aviram, one of London Global Gateway’s adjunct faculty, is currently undertaking a research project dealing with traditions of authors living in London who wrote about London through the prism of science fiction and fantasy. She also teaches a course at the Gateway called London Literature in the Fantastic, which closely relates to her research.

Elber-Aviram’s course is unsurprisingly popular due to the high quantity of primary material she is able to feed in through research. She has guest lectures from screen writers and authors, and takes them to the areas of London where the books they are studying took place. Elber-Aviram speaks of how fortunate she is to be able to teach her course in London.

"Lived experience and being in the places is really crucial to my course," says Elber-Aviram.

Her current piece of research involves working on a chronological monograph with chapters focusing on single authors, but also spreading out to other authors in more cameo roles. The decision to make it chronological was conscious, as each link informs the next link.

"By the end of it, you should be able to see a line that’s clearer because of the fact that it has a beginning point and an endpoint," states Elber-Aviram.

Elber-Aviram’s monograph is still under peer review, but look out for more information on her work over the coming months. It you’d like to learn more about her course or any part of her research, contact Elber-Aviram.