Global History Seminar Series Brings International Leading Scholars and Intellectuals to the London Global Gateway

Author: Emily Grassby

Geoffrey Hosking (UCL) and Warren von Eschenbach (Notre Dame)

The sixth annual Global History Seminar Series took place at the London Global Gateway from February to April 2015.  Sponsored by the University of Notre Dame and the Institute of Historical Research, in collaboration with the University of Oxford Centre for Global History, the series brings together experts in world history to discuss and debate cultural, religious, political, and social issues.


This year’s seminar topics included the history of psychological professions and brainwashing during the Cold War, maritime history (focusing on the Mediterranean and China), the Middle Ages and the concept of ‘the medieval’, and the wider histories of civilizations and societies in Europe and the world.


Notably, Notre Dame’s Warren von Eschenbach (assistant provost for Europe, Notre Dame International, and director of the London Global Gateway) joined an accomplished interdisciplinary panel comprising of Geoffrey Hosking (University College London), Anthony Seldon (Institute of Contemporary British History), and Kieron O’Hara (University of Southampton), to discuss the history of trust, from a philosopher’s standpoint.  Jaime M. Pensado from the Department of History at Notre Dame also participated in the series, examining Catholic youth movements in Mexico during the Cold War.


Jaime Pensado (Notre Dame)

Co-organizer of the seminar series, Felipe Fernández-Armesto (Notre Dame), said, “The IHR Global History Seminar is the UK’s longest-standing Global History programme. This year, we have offered the most ambitious series ever, bringing leading practitioners from Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, and the U.S. to London, hosting genuinely interdisciplinary panels, with some of Britain’s most admired scholars and public intellectuals.  As the number of university courses in Global History multiplies in London our seminar promises to be a fundamental resource for growing numbers of teachers, students, and researchers.”

Full details of the series sessions can be found on the London Global Gateway website.  For photos, visit our Facebook page, or for videos, our YouTube channel.





Originally published by Emily Grassby at on April 21, 2015.