Students at London Global Gateway Perform Julius Caesar at Globe

Author: Emily Grassby

Fall 2014 Playing Shakespeare class perform Julius Caesar at Shakespeare's Globe theatre

On Thursday, December 4, the London Undergraduate Program’s Playing Shakespeare class commenced the end of semester celebrations with a performance of selected scenes from Julius Caesar at Shakespeare’s Globe, the iconic open-air theatre.


Students on the Playing Shakespeare course spend half a semester studying three Shakespeare plays and learning about the conventions of Elizabethan theatre with Dr. Boika Sokolova. The following seven weeks take place at Shakespeare’s Globe, in partnership with Globe Education, under the instruction of course director James Wallace.


The scenes portrayed from Julius Caesar on the big night included the conspirators plotting to kill Caesar, Caesar’s death, and Mark Anthony’s attempt at turning the people against Brutus.


The performance was followed by an end-of-semester reception at Ye Olde London pub.


Originally published by Emily Grassby at on December 08, 2014.