The London Law Program

The London Law School is the oldest part of the London Global Gateway, founded in 1968. A true cornerstone of the institution, the school offers full year and semester programs to a number of law students every year. Faculty are a mix of visiting and UK based, but all are esteemed experts in their field and enthusiastic about educating the next generation of legal professionals.

There are a wide range of courses on offer, tailored to meet the needs and interests of current students, with an underlying thread international or comparative law. This allows students to study their chosen area of law through a different cultural lens, an invaluable experience for any training lawyer.

Learning doesn’t stop in the classroom and theory is brought to life through activities such as the legal London walk, discovering important sites that have influenced law. There are trips to European cities such as Geneva and The Hague, where students are able to interact with practitioners and experience how law is made.

Throughout the semester there are a multitude of conferences and lectures given by great legal minds which students are encouraged to participate in. Bringing together practitioners, students and academics, these talks aim to engender debate about current legal issues and broaden students’ horizons.

It’s not all academic, the Law School does offer a number of social activities for the students. Weekend retreats are common, allowing students to get to know their classmates and build a community among themselves.

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