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Catholic Initiatives

Catholic Initiatives are a key part of the outreach and engagement program at the London Global Gateway. Headed up by Fr. James Lies C.S.C, the program aims to enhance the Catholic mission of Notre Dame in England, advancing its objective to be a global source for good. Through a range of conferences and symposia surrounding Catholic topics, the Gateway seeks to bring together individuals to deepen the conversation of the relevance and grace of the Catholic Church in the United Kingdom and the world. The Gateway positions itself as a welcoming, impressive, and open-minded venue for such conversations.

Scholars, faculty and students have a variety of faith based educational and spiritual opportunities open to them through the Gateway, allowing them to build meaningful connections with local partners and substantially enhance their experience of studying abroad in London.

Public Lectures

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These lectures bring together members of the public, students, faculty and staff to engage in conversation surrounding important issues, with the underlying thread of Catholic-thought.The London Global Gateway proudly hosts a variety of Christian and Catholic-themed lectures, aiming to offer a welcoming space for the conversations associated with the Church. Providing a platform and support for our partners in mission, the Gateway has accommodated book-launches, talks on human dignity, and discussions about current issues facing Catholicism today.


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Catholic symposia are another way in which the gateway seeks to deepen its ties with the community. As well as co-sponsoring and supporting Catholic oriented symposia from other European institutions, such as St. Mary’s University and Las Casas Institute, the Gateway organizes its own biannual conference on Catholic concerns and themes. Typically developed in conjunction with the home campus, it seeks to highlight the work of Notre Dame academics. It gives their work an international stage; and so continues to strengthen Notre Dame’s profile as an international Catholic and Holy Cross research university.

Catholic Internships

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Internships provide some of the most inspiring and life-changing opportunities for students when they are abroad. We have placements with a variety of Catholic charities and schools, which enable students to combine their spirituality and academic life. The range of activities and the type of internships are broad, and all students are able to become a valuable asset to an organization.

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To find out more about our Catholic Initiatives program, or to see how you can get involved, please contact Fr. Jim Lies C.S.C