Home away from home: Notre Dame men’s soccer team visits the London Global Gateway

Author: Joanna Byrne

Fr JimThe team having lunch with Fr. Jim

The Notre Dame men’s soccer team paid a visit to the London Global Gateway Friday morning as part of their ten day international tour of England. Rev. James M. Lies, C.S.C, offered an early afternoon mass, which was followed by a lunch with staff.

It was the majority of the student’s first visit to the gateway, and it was a great opportunity for them to see the Notre Dame’s international presence, particularly in England’s capital city. The students spent time socializing with staff and shared experiences of their trip of a lifetime in the home of "football." They also took advantage of the grand piano available at the gateway, proving that soccer was not their only talent!

The team has been on a tour of England, catching some premier league matches and visiting some world famous stadiums. They’ve spent time at Old Trafford stadium, watched the Arsenal vs. Manchester United match, and even took on Southampton’s much revered U19 team.

PianoStudents taking advantage of the piano

The gateway was privileged to host the Notre Dame athletes, and hoped to provide a home away from home for the students.

“I don’t know how many Notre Dame folks pass through London, but it was such a joy to have this team visit us,” says Fr. Jim. “I would hope that everyone in the Notre Dame family would know they would be warmly welcome at Notre Dame’s London home.”

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