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There are two ways to print in Fisher Hall; you can print via email or you can install FollowYou printing for full functionality. You will manage your print jobs from a web-based queue similar to Print@ND.

How to print (after installing FollowYou)

Your printout is held in a queue until you visit one of the printers in Fischer Hall and release it. There is a one-time registration process after which you will just need to scan your door card to retrieve your printing:

  1. Scan your door card on the reader at the front of the printer. It will say 'unknown card' and ask you to register it.
  2. Type in your netid and password. (The shift key will stick so press it again when doing capitals.)
  3. You will get a confirmation that the card is now assigned to your netid.
  4. Scan your card again and it will show you the print jobs that you can now print or cancel.

FollowYou is the print service at the University. You can print, scan and photocopy on any of the Multi-Functional Devices.

Need help with printing? Please ask local support staff if you are unsure which printer to use, or email londonit@nd.edu for any other issues.

Printing in Fischer Hall via email

There is a fast and easy way to get a single copy of your printout without installing any drivers. If you just want one black and white copy of a PDF, Office file, or JPG try this:

  1. Send email to NDLGGprinting@gmail.com with the document you want to print attached.
  2. After a few minutes you should get an email back from sp16print asking you to confirm your email address. Reply back with the info requested.
  3. Wait a few minutes more and you should get second email saying your job is being processed.
  4. Go to a printer and release it as normal. You can make copies at the printer when you pick it up.

Tip: This only works for printers in Fischer Hall but you should be able to use any email enabled device such as a smart phone or tablet.