Faculty Research Seminar: The History of the Atmospheric Neutrino Anomaly


Open to: current faculty, students and staff at the London Global Gateway


Join us for John LoSecco's 'The History of the Atmospheric Neutrino Anomaly', the next in the Faculty Research Seminar Series at the University of Notre Dame's London Global Gateway.

This is a fortnightly opportunity for our faculty members to present research they are undertaking, welcoming questions and challenges from a multidisciplinary audience.

No specialist knowledge is assumed – a wide variety of subjects will be presented in a manner that it is accessible to all. Whatever your experience, your contributions will be appreciated greatly.

About John LoSecco's research seminar

The public perception of discovery in science is distorted since only the successes are reported. This talk will be more realistic exploring the motivations, missed opportunities and struggles to extract knowledge from data. The context is a the late 20'th century period where numerous physics discoveries were made and a few accidental non-discoveries too. Even though the theory was wrong the story has a happy ending.