International Organizations Law at University of Notre Dame London Law Programme: The Practice of International Organizations Law Seminar Series


Location: Fischer Hall, London

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) is foremost amongst the many UN Specialized Agency that coordinate and cooperate with the United Nations, creating the semblance of a system of “world government”. This seminar sets about providing an inside view on solving the institutional challenges of international organizations and considers the contribution of a treaty-making body to international relations. Does how the IMO is similar to and differs from the “standard” UN Specialized Agency account for how it goes about its role? The seminar will also focus on how treaties are “made” by the IMO and the crucial role of the “tacit acceptance” procedure.

Dr Dorota Lost-Sieminska is the Head of the Legal Affairs Office of the International Maritime Organization. Before joining the IMO she was Director of the Maritime Transport and Inland Navigation Department of the Ministry of Transport of Poland, as well heading the Polish international delegations to the IMO Legal Committee, IMO Assembly meetings, UNCITRAL meetings, and various other EU and bilateral summits. She is a former lecturer at Gdansk University and holds a doctorate in international maritime law. Dorota is a barrister at the Polish Bar and a Member of the Polish Academy of Science and the Polish Maritime Law Association. 


Professor Dan Sarooshi is a barrister at Essex Court Chambers, specialising in public international law, constitutional law, commercial litigation and international arbitration. He has been instructed by sovereign States and multiple international organizations, as well as corporations, before a range of national and international courts and tribunals, including the UK Supreme Court, World Trade Organization Dispute Settlement System, and ICSID and UNCITRAL arbitrations. Dan is a Senior Research Fellow of the Queen’s College, University of Oxford and the author of a number of prize-winning publications, including International Organizations and Their Exercise of Sovereign Powers (OUP, 2005). 

A reception will follow from 7:30 p.m.

This seminar is open to the general public.  Registration is required – email with your name and affiliation.

For full details, see the IOL Seminar Series 2015 Program.

The series is chaired by Peter Quayle (University of Notre Dame and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development).

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