Security Surveillance and Personal Privacy in Britain and the USA


Location: London Global Gateway

The Human Rights Lawyers Association, Notre Dame Law School, and Washington-based Electronic Privacy Information Centre (EPIC) present a comparative exposition of government surveillance of the electronic communication of individuals. The speakers will discuss, in their view, how governments (particularly the UK and US) can respect the privacy and civil liberties of individuals, while also protecting national security and advancing foreign policy. 
Geoffrey Stone (University of Chicago) will talk about his experience of serving on the President’s Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technologies which made recommendations to President Obama in late 2013. Rosa Curling (Leigh Day) will discuss her work, namely the UK government’s surveillance of lawyer- client correspondence and the recent findings of the Investigatory Powers Tribunal in relation to intelligence sharing practices between the US and the UK prior to December 2014.  Chaired by Chips Pitts (EPIC).
The event will take place in Fischer Hall (1 Suffolk Street, London SW20 8BG).  A drinks reception will follow the talk.
Spaces are limited.

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