The Photographic Legacy of the First World War: Memory Contests in Weimar Germany


Location: Fischer Hall

The shadow of the First World War loomed darkly over Germany for the duration of the Weimar Republic in Germany (1919-1933).  Debates about the meaning and memory of a lost war played a major role in the politics and culture of the Republic, not least in its photographic culture.
On Thursday, November 6, 2014 Professor Jonathan Long (Durham University) will explore ways in which photography was mobilised by the left and the right, by pacifists and militarists, in the memory contests that characterised the Weimar Republic.  He will also identify indirect photographic traces of the war experience in areas of photographic practice that, on the face of it, have nothing to do with war.
Professor Long’s work focuses on twentieth century German and Austrian literature, as well as photography and visual culture. He has won multiple awards for his international work and research.
A reception will follow the lecture.
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