London Archaeology: Local and Global Perspectives - A presentation of poster projects


Location: Trafalgar Hall

The course London Archaeology explores the archaeology of the city and considers both local and global perspectives at play, in the past and present.  Our engagement with the topic includes the making and presentation of academic posters.  Poster presentations are common at professional meetings and specifically within academic events such as the conference forum.  They provide an exciting opportunity to research, synthesize and report on an archaeological subject, require the exploration of an idea, recognizing the importance of design, identifying forms of knowledge and the development of scholarly interpretation.
This term, the London Archaeology class of 18 participants has been working in small groups on 6 posters that present the sites, ideas and material they have engaged with. 
The session will include a reception and a chance to talk with the poster authors on their London Archaeology: Local and Global Perspectives topics.  The winning poster will be announced at 4:00 p.m.

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