David Shepherd

Adjunct Professor

Areas of expertise

Macroeconomics and Applied Statistics

Courses taught

Macroeconomic Analysis; International Finance


David Shepherd is a macroeconomist. He obtained his PhD from Imperial College London, where he was also a senior faculty member of the Business School. He has previously held professorial positions at the University of California, the University of Melbourne, the Brisbane Graduate School of Business and Westminster Business School. His research in macroeconomics focuses on the statistical analysis of the business cycle and the relationship between regional and national economic performance. His most recent research is concerned with the application of fuzzy logic to economic analysis. Shepherd is the author of two books and numerous articles published in leading academic journals.

Selected Works 

British Manufacturing Investment Overseas, (with A. Silberston and R. Strange), Routledge, 2013

Monetary Policy Rules with PID Control Features (with G. Saradakis and R. Munoz Torres), International Review of Applied Economics, 2019

The Impact of Regional and Institutional Factors on Labour Productivity: Evidence from the TVE Sector in China (with L. Zheng), World Development, vol 96, 2017

Inflation Targeting and the Consistency of Monetary Policy Decisions in Mexico, (with R Munoz Torres), Manchester School, vol 82, 2014

Regional Dimensions of the Australian Business Cycle, (with R. Dixon), Regional Studies, vol 47, 2013

Fuzzy Modelling and Estimation of Economic Relationships, (with F. Shi), Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, vol 51, 2006

The Cyclical Dynamics and Volatility of Australian Output and Employment, vol 84, 2006, The Economic Record