Chris Kolda

Adjunct Professor

Areas of expertise

Theoretical particle physics, Cosmology

Courses taught

Physics for Life Sciences


Chris Kolda has been a faculty member at Notre Dame for 23 years, after having received his education at Johns Hopkins and the University of Michigan, and holding research positions at the Institute for Advanced Study (Princeton) and the University of California (Berkeley). His work has centered on the search for physics beyond the Standard Model of particle physics, including supersymmetry and dark matter, with particular focus on what we can learn from the Higgs boson and its behaviors using the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. He has just completed eight years as science director of the Glynn Family Honors Program, and is completing a textbook on modern physics aimed at non-science majors.

Selected Works
Mirror twin Higgs cosmology: constraints and a possible resolution to the H0 and S8 tensions,  S. Bansal, J.H. Kim, C. Kolda, M. Low, Y. Tsai, Journal of High-Energy Physics, 05, 050 (2022).
Hunting leptoquarks in monolepton searches, S. Bansal, R. Capdevilla, A. Delgado, C. Kolda, A. Martin. N. Raj, Physical Review  D98, 015037 (2018).
UltraViolet Freeze-in, F. Elahi, C. Kolda, J. Unwin, Journal of High-Energy Physics, 03, 048 (2015).
Review of Particle Physics, Particle Data Group, editions of 1998 - 2010.